bbc is littered with tons of shows that lasted for like one season or had just a handful of episodes and then there’s fuckin doctor who it’s like it sucked up the lifetimes of all the other shows and absorbed them into itself

along with all of the British actors

Truest post ever

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Doctor Who AU: Clara meets River for the very first time (for Eris)




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My roommate built a “Crack in the Universe.”

Oh. My. God. I NEED THIS!

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"Where were you on your first date? And when did this blog start?"

Or first date was a school dance. I had to all Lydia to it for or five times before she finally said yes. -Jackson

A for the blog, we started it over the summer but things got to crazy for us to keep up good a while. My New Year’s resolution us to be on it more. - Lydia





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"How does being terrorised by Peter Hale and being the Kanima affect your relationship? :("

This one is a bit long, so we decided to just type it up because it would have probably taken up several pages so pardon the lack of prettiness! <3

Lydia: At the very least I can say that it’s been rough for us. I think that between the two of us Jackson definitely got the worse deal in this one but it hasn’t been an easy spring for either of us. I didn’t know what was going of with all this crazy supernatural stuff until… that mad showed me. Up until then I thought I was going insane and I really was holding on to my memories of Jackson as the last threads of my sanity. Emotionally I was a mess but I didn’t want to let anyone see me that way. The only person I really let in was Stiles for a moment but then he ran off and didn’t come back so… I tried to talk to Allison but it turned into a lecture about my selfishness and sidetracking me with ancient Latin. Basically I felt like an animal that was being hunted by a particularly clever wolf and I was being herded towards my own demise. It didn’t help that things were all over the place with Jackson. It was fighting, then kissing, then disappearing acts. It was just really unhappy and painful for us. But I still loved him and I’m pretty sure I always will and when he needed that love to pull him through I gladly gave it to him.

Jackson: It’s weird because Lydia and I were kind of in the same situation. We both had crazy shit happening and didn’t know what it was about. I was expecting to turn into a werewolf so I knew something was going down but I didn’t know what. I didn’t want to believe Stiles when he said I turned into a murdering lizard man but after a while I figured out something was wrong. And then the game happened and I knew I was going to be made to hurt someone again so I fought it and ended up stabbing myself instead. All of it was pretty awful but I remember hearing Lydia screaming for me and it brought me back. I knew if she was calling me like that she needed me so I came back to her. So even though it kinda ruined things for us for a while, in the end it brought us back together. Now I just have to keep Hale far away from her.





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As you might have guessed it was a busy couple of days with the big game and all. Sorry we didn’t get to your questions sooner but we’re here now and ready to rock. I think we’ve got 4 or 5 in the inbox but go ahead and send us some more!





"What's a typical date between the two of you like? (Barring The Notebook movie nights.)"



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